Favorite Films of 2011

This is a little bit late, but oh well, here ya’ go.

1. Limitless - Genuinely my favorite film this year. It was fun, engaging, and over all just a good watch.

2. I Saw The Devil - The worst time I had while watching a movie this year was during this film. And that is a compliment. This film makes you squirm in your chair till the credits roll.

3. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil - The funniest movie I have seen this year. TDVE is a fun horror/ comedy that really makes the genre.

4. Bellflower - This film is a thinker - Just watch it.

5. Rise of The Planet of The Apes - Very well done for a prequel/ remake kinda thing, and a bad ass action movie with a lot of fear in it.

6. Attack The Block - Speaking of bad ass, this movie = bad ass. A sweet action/ science fiction movie that kicks ass.

7. Crazy Stupid Love - Hey, fuck you. This movie was funny, heartfelt, and it actually got me with a pretty good plot twist. The cast makes this movie.

8. Buried - I take it back, this is the worst time I have had watching a movie this year, in an even better way. You wont stop feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. And the ending will leave you sitting there, watching the credits, and perhaps sobbing into your hands.

9. Troll Hunter - This movie was a surprise. A very cool, Jurassic Park like creature feature that really delivers on the “troll hunting” part.

10. Super 8 - JJ Abrams does it again. Beyond being a monster movie, this film is an awesome take on the buddy films from your child hood like The Goonies.

Honorable Mentions

Scream 4 - Just a fun, funny and bloody watch. I had a good time.

Shaolin - Awesome fight scenes, and a return to martial arts from Jackie Chan? yes please.

Paranormal Activity 3 - I’m a sucker for this series, but this film is genuinely terrifying and disturbing.

Grave Encounters - I’m divided on this one. It isn’t very smart or original, but its scary and it gets the job done

Red State - This movie would be one of my favorites if not for the ending. John Goodman holds this one together.

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